Who wears Penelope Barnhill Jewellery?
Penelope‘s youngest customer to commission work was 6 years old and her most mature customer to date aged 97.
Her work has appeared on the red carpet, silver screen and it’s worn happily by many at home, work and play worldwide.

Who makes the jewellery and where?
Every single piece is hand made and finished by Penelope in Tamaki Makarau, Aotearoa (Auckland, New Zealand).
Penelope rarely casts pieces so every item is unique and not made from a mould, wax or standard pattern.
Some setting is outsourced by one professional setter with over 30 years experience but Penelope always hand finishes every single piece.

Personal guarantee
Penelope guarantees her work for all her working life.
She takes great care to ensure every piece is hand made to a high standard and free from faults.
She will personally undertake to repair at no charge any faulty workwomanship.
Naturally this excludes everyday normal wear and tear or damage due to accidental mishap.
If you damage your Penelope Barnhill jewellery please hit the contact button.

Care and cleaning of your jewellery
By soaking in water with liquid soap and brushing with a soft toothbrush. There are other techniques for different finishes, please ask if you are unsure.
If you would like an item cleaned contact Penelope directly or approach one of her stockists.
There is no charge but supplying return post is appreciated.
Please do not give your precious piece to a jeweller who suggests ultrasonic cleaning, several pieces have been badly damaged by this process.

How do I commission a customer made piece and how long does it take?
Depending on the complexity of the piece once you have decided on it can take between one to eight weeks.
Commissioning a bespoke piece is a lot of fun, you get to choose and watch the development every step of the way.
If you are looking for a ring firstly your finger size needs to be provided before prices can be discussed, it is also helpful to know your budget.
Many commissions are completed over the internet without visiting the studio.

How do I get my ring size?
Any jeweller should be able to measure you using wheatshef sizers.
If you want a wide ring use wide sizers and narrow for a thin ring.
We have some creative methods should you wish to obtain a ring size discretely.
If you wish to propose but are unsure what ring to purchase we can also assist with a temporary ring.

Do you remodel jewellery or do repairs?
It is possible to recycle some pieces. No repairs of other jeweller’s work sorry.

No problem to ship throughout New Zealand or worldwide.

Online banking or PayPal is available.

Is this your full portfolio?
No, what you see on this site is a tiny selection of  work.  More images can be sent by email, instagram or messenger.

What materials do you use?
Sterling silver, fine silver, 9ct, 14ct, 18ct yellow, rose and white gold, 22ct and 24ct yellow gold, palladium, platinum, copper and brass complimented by vast natural gemstones. All your questions on ethically sourced gems will be truthfully answered.

Do you provide valuations?
You will receive an invoice and a current replacement valuation when you purchase a piece.
Penelope can provide a current retail replacement valuation for your insurance company should you lose a piece.